In 2010, a group of professionals connected to the world of fashion and education, decided to apply their knowledge and life experience to a new Art form!
The imaginary and vibrant world of school became the precondition for the creation of school items that could combine unique and contemporary graphics with a strong product, considering every detail at all times. 
As fashion trends change constantly, the need to redesign and develop this kind of product became mandatory: to create and produce backpacks, bags and accessories that would keep up with such changes.

Thus, the urge to indulge the essential and cherished objects of pupils, students, artists, travelers or simply the common citizen of the world became to life.
So, what was the purpose? Simple! To combine all these universes in items of great quality and design.
As in the words of Fernando Pessoa, “man dreams, the work is born”, in 2013 the first Inbuk collection came to life, under the name Inbuk Back to School 2013


Inbuk is a brand specialized in the production of quality products, manufactured in Portugal. Its know-how and creative skills are characteristics that allow the brand to develop cutting edge graphics of limited edition for every collection.
Our backpacks, bags and accessories aim at addressing the world you live in, your influences and your rhythms: That’s why Inbuk stands as a contemporary, cutting edge brand whose themes are the result of a unique fusion of Urban, Retro and Contemporary styles.

For school use, daily use or even to go on a weekend break, it is very important to choose the backpack or bag that best suits your body structure. Bearing comfort and ergonomics in mind, we have developed a system that divides the backpack weight on every contact point with your body.

Design is always associated to the comfort we wish to provide you.
On every collection, we have fashionable and practical products available, perfect for school, sports or travel.
Inbuk believes functionality and looks are perfectly combined.
Stylish backpacks, sports bags, pouches and accessories for a very demanding market!

Inbuk is for you and about you!